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Invest in a sound approach to financial and civil litigation that is centered on protecting your rights. Our law firm in Columbia, MD, was founded on the belief that everyone deserves a vigorous defense of their rights. We pride ourselves on providing results-oriented legal services along with a commitment to personal integrity. Trust the Law Offices of Marc A. Ominsky to develop a sound legal strategy for you that reflects our commitment to justice. As experts in a number of areas of law, we provide each of our clients with the personal attention he or she deserves.

Partner with a firm that has the experience and resources needed to defend you and your family from any situation you face. Entering a court of law can be a trying time when your reputation is on the line. You need a group of attorneys that is mindful of both your legal and emotional needs. Eliminate the stress and worry that come from any legal dispute by placing your defense in the hands of our knowledgeable team. We specialize in all of the following:

Bankruptcy: If you are facing the prospect of bankruptcy your entire livelihood could be on the line.

Family Law: Any dispute involving family law often means your children could be caught in a needless tug of war.

DUI/DWI: When you are pulled over and charged with a DUI or DWI, the potential for a harmful turn in your lifestyle is real.

Our office hours are structured to allow you the time to meet with our lawyers without worrying about missing time at work. Keep your life on track and face your legal challenges head-on with the help of a firm that delivers prompt and professional service.

Start Fresh with an Experienced Financial Attorney

We pride ourselves on providing first-rate legal services with a commitment to personal integrity and a distinctly human touch. Protect everything you have worked for your entire life with a financial attorney that understands your needs. Whether you are facing the prospect of bankruptcy, or you need sound legal counsel when planning for your family’s financial future in the event of your death, our financial attorneys have the backgrounds needed to assist you.

Get the help you need in navigating the complexities of finance law when you work with our legal specialists. You can’t afford to take a risk on just any lawyer when your livelihood is on the line. As experts in finance law, you can rest assured that our team will craft a legal defense that results in meeting your best interests.

Don’t let the crushing weight of debt destroy the life that you have built for your family. You need a legal team that cuts through the burden of unmanageable debt by utilizing three types of bankruptcy filings. Guessing your way through the options before you could mean a needless delay in getting your life back in order. Nobody ever plans on being overwhelmed by debt, and an unforeseen accident or medical situation can happen at a moment’s notice. Rely on the compassion and service of our experienced legal team.


A Local Law Firm That is Focused on You

Manage the most difficult moments in your life with the help of a local law firm that gets to know you personally. Going through a divorce or a custody battle can be heart wrenching for anyone, and in this time of difficulty you need significant help from the legal experts you can trust. Our firm is filled with knowledgeable and skilled advocates that work to put your mind at ease. Create a plan for division of property and child custody rights that everyone can agree with when you trust the team at our firm. We help you find a fair resolution to your dispute that helps you start the process of healing.

If your interests, freedoms, or rights are being jeopardized in any way, we can help! Our legal team is ready to fight for your rights in and out of court to position you to have the best possible chance at a successful outcome. We always handle your case with the respect and compassion that it deserves.

Know Your Rights

Take advantage of the best legal defense possible when you find yourself facing a charge of DUI or DWI. Get in touch with our office as quickly as possible so that we can begin the process of defending you. Your job could be at stake if you are not able to drive, and that could jeopardize your defense.

Tension, anxiety, and despair can make it difficult to face your legal issues head on. You need a sound legal strategy that is crafted with your immediate needs in mind. As a local firm, we are more focused on your immediate needs, and you are never just a number. Trust us when you need an effective legal advocate in your corner. We provide convenient office hours to meet your busy schedule. Contact our law firm to set up a free consultation today.

Contact us today for a free consultation with a law firm that can make a difference in your life. We serve Columbia, Ellicott City, Rockville, Gaithersburg, and Silver Spring, Maryland, plus the surrounding areas.